As an artist and also a book-maker Nathalie Trovato discovered the pleasure of making books by first making her own and also by working with her two very inspring daughters Barbara and Natasha. She wanted to share her love for books and has initiated a number of workshops where she teaches children how to make books, from accordion and animal-shaped books to fun pop-ups together with some basic bookbinding techniques. For these workshops Nathalie Trovato is currently collaborating with French and Belgian publishers of great books such as Editions Memo and Esperluète whose publications bring together writers and artists and offer the reader a unique experience.

Besides the bookmaking workshops Nathalie Trovato also offers a number of artistic explorations at her place and also in schools and daycares throughout New York (French Institute Alliance Française, Books and Rattles, PS3, International School of Brooklyn, The Language and Laughter Studio). These workshops are either designed for specific celebrations such as Christmas or Mother's day or as a way to explore the world and history through the arts.